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Your home should be your happy place.
Somewhere you can go to relax and get away from the world. A place to call your own. I feel like many people put off home renovations because the time and money involved. I’m here to show you sprucing up your home doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars or take up all of your time. I'll show you how I am working to create my dream home in my spare time with my spare change. 

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It's so nice to have one space in the house to call your own. I think most people would consider that the master bedroom but I share my bedroom with a boy. I can't bring home anything for the master bedroom without him complaining. That's too much glitter, that's too pink, why do we need a unicorn over the bed? Come on Ty, Can't a girl have a little style?

Since this is a three bedroom house we have a master bedroom and what I have been calling Ashley's room and Ty's room. We each store our clothing in our own rooms, this way we don't wake each other up getting ready at different times. And the best part, I can decorate my room however I want, AKA-pink everything. 

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