I think I might have a problem...

I have to admit I have a little obsession with buying work-out clothes. I don’t know what it is but I can’t pass up a good pair of leggings. And I, like many other women my age, have adopted a weekend uniform of work-out gear, more commonly referred to as “athleisure” wear. Due to the increasing popularity of athleisure wear many clothing companies have stepped up their style game to further fuel my addiction.

Enter Fabletics: I started noticing the t.v. ads for fabletics but didn’t put much thought into it. Then one day I get an e-mail that’s offering an entire work-out outfit for $10, which of course got my attention. I click the link which takes me to their site with hundreds of the cutest outfits ever. Of course, there is a catch, to get the $10 outfit you have to subscribe and become a VIP Member. When you become a VIP member you are signing up for a monthly service for $49.99. Each month (I think the 1st-5th) you can go on their site and select which outfit you want for that month. If you don’t pick an outfit your account with be charged the $49.99 and that will sit at a credit until you decided on an outfit. You also have the option to skip a month if you don’t see anything you like and don’t want to be charged the $49.99. It’s really easy to skip and they even send you a confirmation e-mail that you skipped. But if you forget or don’t complete the entire skip process you will be charged (buyer beware).

After reading many reviews and knowing what I was getting myself into I decided to sign up. I mean, who can beat an entire outfit for $10? Check out the outfits I’ve gotten so far!


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