Fun in the Sun!

The love story between a girl and her ugly house....

But probably not soon.

  First impressions are everything. Whether we would like to admit it or not, we judge a lot of things based solely on appearance, and houses are no exception. Sometimes it’s hard to look past an old home's ugly pink vinyl siding to see what the house could be. I can imagine this house with new siding, painted a stunning grey/blue with a bright yellow door and a cozy bench right under the window. However, I know not everyone has that vision. My husband has no such abilities. Literally none. It took a lot of puppy dog eyes, batted eye lashes and “look how much cheaper it is” conversations to convince him that this is the house for us.

The longer we live here the more in love I fall. I can image how we are going to use the space, the amazing dinner parties and the thousands of memories that will be made here. In the past we have worked on projects for their investment opportunity. However, this will be our home for years to come and I could not be more excited.
  Dreaming of the day when I can sit on the deck with my laptop and a glass of wine. I fell head over heels for the beauty of this backyard. It’s an amazing canvas for creating my masterpiece. I huge deck with a fire place and enough room for a dining table and a small outdoor kitchen (aka a grill). A smaller more private patio off the master with lounge chairs with fluffy (removable) pillows. In the far corners a fire pit for marshmallow and maybe just maybe a wood shop. Wouldn’t that be lovely?
I know there is so much potential in this space.  However, right now, it’s pretty low on the priority list. We’ve got so much to do to the interior before this can get started. I’m hopeful that I can get started on the project summer 2017. But I’m not going to hold my breath…In the meantime, I’ll just keep pinning ideas and perfecting the space in my head. Hopefully when I get around to actually doing it I will have all the plans perfect by then.
Coming home to a house that is beautiful inside and out is the eventual goal. I know there is a million hours of work ahead of me to get this project completed but some day it will be great. 

I’m sure one day this will be perfect.
When thinking about the amount of work that needs to be done before this diamond can shine, I feel like this is a one sided love affair. One day I know it will pay off but for now that day seems pretty far from here. I'll just have to keep dreaming for now...


Landscape Ideas!

Fun in the Sun Wish List!

  • Gas Fireplace
  • Real Wood Deck
  • Outdoor Sectional
  • Dining Table
  • Fluffy Lounge Chairs
  • Patio off Master
  • Maybe a Hammock?
  • The Possibilities are Endless!
  • Ultra lush Grass
  • Retaining Wall
  • Cozy Bench
  • Minimal upkeep



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