House Tour-Before

  Let me be the first to say when we bought this house is was not anything close to our dream house and I honestly wasn’t sure it could ever get there. The listing photos are pretty depressing and the reality that those listing photos looked a million times better than the house actually looked is like a crying in my coffee kind of sad. However, fast-forward 2 years and that has completely changed. Sadly, the house hasn’t magically turned into our dream home but we have a vision and are working towards it. Take a look at the listing photos to get an idea of what we started with in 2015.  ​
  1. Living Room
    Living Room
    The living room is where we spend most of our time as a family but I often feel like it is a forgotten room from a design standpoint. This room will be great!
  2. Dining Room
    Dining Room
    I want a formal dining room just not here. This room will eventually go away completely and the dining room will be moved to the other side of the kitchen.
  3. Kitchen
    We always referred to this as the smurf kitchen. We quickly painted this before moving in. I don't miss the smurf blue one bit.
  4. Family Room
    Family Room
    Being a family of 2 we don't need two living rooms. We will turn this into one grand dining room someday.
  5. Master Bedroom
    Master Bedroom
    This is the most boring room in the house. Seriously, it's just a big beige box.
  6. Master Bathroom
    Master Bathroom
    Sometimes the smallest room in the house offers the biggest opportunity for change. This room is beautiful.
  7. Ashley's Room
    Ashley's Room
    This is the room where I store my clothes and it will eventually serve as my home office.
  8. Ty's Room
    Ty's Room
    This is the room Ty uses as his closet and such but it will also function as our guest room.

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