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  Let me be the first to say when we bought this house is was not anything close to our dream house and I honestly wasn’t sure it could ever get there. The listing photos are pretty depressing and the reality that those listing photos looked a million times better than the house actually looked is like a crying-in-my-coffee kind of sad. However, fast-forward 2 years and that has completely changed. Sadly, the house hasn’t magically turned into our dream home but we have a vision that we are working towards. Take a look at the listing photos to get an idea of what we started with in 2015.  ​

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The Living Room

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Thanks for following along as I share my home, diy tips and ticks, project for everyroom in the house and the life that happens in-between. I've got a less than stellar home that I'm turning into my dream house. I hope you continue to follow  my journey so I can inspire you on yours. 

~Ashley Rose
This is the room you first walk into and the room where we spend a lot of time meaning that it needs to be beautiful and super functional. It’s got a nice big window that lets in a lot of afternoon sun but that’s about the only thing going for it. This boring box of a room is going to see a lot of changes to become a room that we hopefully love and want to spend a lot of time in. It’s already gone through some minor changes but I think at this point we’ve only made things worse. Take a look at what it looks like now and the end goal.​ 

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The Family Room


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I loved this room when I first toured the house. It was such a nice surprise of extra space when I turned the corner from the living room. However, once we moved in we realized that we would probably never use it. We could have used this as our TV room and had the real living room be more formal but we’re not those types of people to have a room we never go in. Eventually throughout all the planning I realized that this space would make a killer dining room. It’s big, the fireplace would be such a nice accent and it opens right out to the back yard. Take a look at what this room looks like now and the plan for it in the near future.... Read More ...




The Dining Room

I always joke that this room is going to go through the most dramatic change of all because we’re going to do one big magic trick and make it disappear. It, of course, didn’t make sense to have two dining rooms so We’re planning to divide this room and add some extra space to the kitchen, bathroom and add a new coat closet. This decision make our floor plan a million times better and the house so much more functional. I don’t think we will ever miss this room but I am dying to see what my MIL does with the chandelier she asked to keep…R ead More ...

The Kitchen

I am counting the days until we can rip out this outdated and less than functional kitchen. It’s so closed off from the rest of the house and so cramped that it’s not enjoyable to cook in there at all. Before we moved in we did some basic updates to make it a little less awful but it didn’t help with any of the poor functionality it just made it look a little better. We have some major plans for this room... Read More ...

Hallway Bathroom 

I always like to keep in mind that the main bathroom is the one room in the house that everyone will see-so it better be good. And this bathroom will one day be great, today is not that day but we’re getting close. This is one of the room where the photo was heavily edited and basically didn’t look anything like the listing photo. It was mint green, awful, kind of dirty, and not very big for being the only full bathroom in the house. We did decide to take some room from the old dining room to add a little extra space in here and I can already tell you that was the best decision I’ve ever made. Check out our bathroom update here!

Our Rooms* 

*Let me give these rooms a little bit of a preface. Ty and I each have what we call “our own rooms” in the house. We have a three-bedroom house and zero children so Ty and I have each taken over one of the spare rooms. We do not sleep in separate beds, we sleep in the Master bedroom or “Our Room” as it’s often called. But, we each have too much clothes to share one standard closet and we used to get ready at very different times so it was a pain to try and get ready in our room without turning on the light or making noise. Even though we share everything it’s nice to have a little piece of the house that is our own a luxury that we missed while living in our one bedroom condo.

Ty's Room 

This room is where Ty keeps his clothing and it’s also going to be our guest room when we finally get around to furnishing it. This room has changed a lot and become so much more functional for our lives take a look at what it looks like now... Read More ...

Ashley's Room 

This is where I have my closet and it will eventually be an office for me but first we have to find furniture. This room got a huge closet makeover but the transformation is far from complete. Take a look at what I’ve done so far... Read More ...

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is what we call “our room.” This room has already gone through big facelift but is far from done. Aside from being in desperate need of décor we’ve still got a few tricks to make this space a little more enjoyable despite being pretty small... Read More ...

Laundry Room/Hallway

I feel like the hallway seems like a weird/insignificant space to dedicate an entire page to but there have been so many changes I feel like it's worth mentioning. I intelligently (insert eye-roll here) decided to take out every closet in the main part of the house...all at the same time. During the time we didn’t have closets, it felt like the worst decision ever! But now that most of the closets are back and functioning; I can see it was the best decision ever. We had a lot of closets in the house (seriously, 4 in just the hallway) but none of them functioned particularly well so it felt like there was a lot of wasted space. Check out my solution and see how we turned 4 worthless closets into 3 high functioning spaces. Check out the lastest here ...

The Outdoors

The outside of the house is so dreadful I seriously feel bad for our neighbors. It has awful pink vinyl siding, the landscaping is worse than awful and the drive way is literally’s seriously all bad. Luckily, we have a plan! Sadly, we have a while until we can start working on said plan. Sorry neighbors, you have to stare at the Pink Panther house for a little bit longer. But it will totally be worth the wait. I swear! Check out my plan here ...


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